C Rocks

By Carine Salameh

C-ROCKS  was founded by the famous Carine Salameh, a public figure and a known TV presenter,  in response to a lack of functional, hands-free bags that were also stylish and well-designed. They are strictly a hand made from a high quality material and made in Lebanon. C-ROCKS is synonymous to innately wearable design, which combines various styles and versatility with a minimalist aesthetic.

At C_ROCKS, our mission is to liberate women and men from their baggage. We celebrate the joy of less and freedom inherent in living life “hands-free.” Our belt bags, designed to fit just the essentials with a trendy look and feel, they are a reminder of the ease of living a life of simplicity–a life filled with more experience, happiness, wholeness and joy in exchange for less “stuff.”

As a modern company, we are conscious of our responsibility to not only consider the future of design but also the future of the planet. We are committed to sustainability, produce all bags locally and ethically in Lebanon, as well as make it our goal to source only the most innovative, earth-friendly materials available for our products.

I’m also currently working with a big supermarket to develop a gorgeous, yet affordable, range of beautifully printed key pieces that no women’s wardrobe should be without!


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803 Jasmin Tunnel Suite
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